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Email Migration

Email Migration

Your email is valuable. Keep it safe!

Email is the core business critical application and service that organizations generally rely on for communication.

Our standardized methodology, extensive experience and proprietary tools create a structure for success, from initial consultation through successful implementation. Vcloud uses a suite of proprietary tools during the migration process.

Here are steps followed for email migration

  1. We request client to take backups of all email accounts before handing over for migration
  2. Share us credentials of all email accounts to migrate to new email server
  3. Fix cut off date from using old email server during this time client will share Domain credentials for changing DNS server details
  4. We will create email accounts and password for the list of emails provided
  5. Will share credentials, webmail details for client to use till the migration process of backup emails are completed
  6. Vcloud start migration from backup of old emails to new email server with licensed email migration tools
  7. Will send confirmation email once all backup is completed to verify by client

Terms & Conditions

  1. Client needs to take backup of all email accounts at their end before handing over credentials of all email accounts
  2. Migration process time depends on size of each mailbox
  3. Vcloud will take all efforts to migrate each and every email but we will not be responsible for any loss or missing of any emails
  4. Everything will be kept confidential once migration is completed and once confirmation is received from client all data will be deleted from our end.