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“We developed a mass email delivery system in-house, and when we started to overwhelm our servers, we turned to Vcloudmail’ dedicated outbound email solution. The Vcloud email servers are not only fast, but they are extremely reliable"

Shiv Tripathi
Director Rk info media


“We tried your competitor and they were almost impossible to get in touch with and when we finally did, they were no help. We have always believed that customer service is the reason for our success and it is nice to do business with a company that feels the same.”



“Thank you for your mail. I’ve had good success using your service so far. I’d have to say I’m impressed with the fact that the emails never get jammed and get delivered on time. It gives me the confidence to know that our operations would be stable and deliver timely information. Thanks for this great service."

Sunit-General Manager
Bharat Glass & Crockeries


“We send emails to over 1,000 clients every day. We need to know that those messages will be delivered quickly, and won’t get tagged as spam. We maintain a clean mailing list, and Vcloud does the rest. Their customer service was very helpful in helping us get our account set up. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable and affordable mail service.”

Kishor – IT Manager
Shilpa Stock Brokers


“Now a client for nearly 5 years, we could not speak more highly of Vcloudmails. From the quality of service and data, the through put, deliverability to the recipients, and receiving near real time feedback about our deliverability, it has been an absolutely wonderful experience. Their support team is fabulous and it is an absolute delight and very reassuring to know that they are looking after our interests. With Vcloudmail, we are not being treated like a number. We are being treated like a proper client.”

Static Electric


“We have recently chosen Vcloud as our SMTP provider because they are really professional, their services are good, fast and nicely supported by the Vcloud team. The service is good because the emails sent via the SMTP are always delivered and there is a really nice web console where you can check the status of all emails sent. Their support is very fast to reply when you have a question. It was also very fast and well documented to get up and running. After investigating SMTP providers Vcloud appeared to us as the best SMTP provider that fit our needs. We are happy with them!”

Mohammed –CEO
Asian export


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